• A Hungry Dragon

    A Hungry Dragon

    You are in charge of feeding a tiny dragon. A very hungry dragon! Read more
  • Animal Plague

    Animal Plague

    A refreshing new game that keeps you going for ‘just one more level’, and before you know it, your night has been spent curing the animal plague. Read more
  • Apple Arrow Shoot

    Apple Arrow Shoot

    How far can you shoot? Are you as good as Robin Hood? Can you shoot better than the police archers of the time? Read more
  • Dog Run Escape

    Dog Run Escape

    You’re a police dog, accidentally left at a crime scene. You need to get back to your handler, but things couldn’t be worse for you. It’s almost night, you are all the way across town, and there is a maniacal dog catcher that is looking to put you in the pound. Read more
  • Micro DJ

    Micro DJ

    Turn all your music into NEW creations. Micro DJ is a tiny audio editing device for your pocket. Become a little DJ with this free app for the iphone, ipod, or ipad. Read more
  • Crystal Crusher

    Crystal Crusher

    Crystal Crusher HD is an amazing and addicting new 3D strategy game where you are shooting bombs to blow up and crush all the beautiful 3D crystal puzzles. Read more
  • Hell in a Basket

    Hell in a Basket

    The realm has been overrun by the great bandit wolf, and all hell is breaking loose. You play as Red Riding Hood, no longer the tiny girl she once was. Read more

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